Bio-cleanse Ionic Detox Footbaths

Bio-cleanse ionic detox footbaths

  • 1 Hour: $55

Bio-cleanse ionic detox footbaths support the process of the body to remember its original programming. Toxins tend to release in cycles. After the initial toxins are eliminated you'll feel great until the next cycle digs deeper & symptoms reappear as the body releases on a deeper level

Bio-cleanse Ionic footbaths have Rife frequency technology with setting for cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, parasites, Schuman wave, Pathogens (cold & flu) and relaxation.

Dr. Royal Rife is credited for discovering a cure for cancer and many other diseases by using vibrational frequencies. He found that every organism, virus, bacteria or parasite vibrates to a certain frequency of sound. These organisms can also be destroyed by intensifying that frequency until it disintegrates.

Benefits of Bio-cleanse ionic detox footbaths include:
  • Neutralizes the body acid overload, balances body ph.
  • Relieves the strain on organs to rid waste & detoxify
  • Improves cellular oxygen levels
  • Reduces stress & depression
  • Greater mental clarity & memory
  • Reduces fluid retention, inflammation, & pain
  • Reduces PMS, tension, & menstrual pain
  • Improves sleep pattern
  • Improves sleep pattern
  • Parasite cleaning & digestive purification: yeast
  • Improves hair & skin problems: wrinkles, acne & rashes
  • Improves hair & skin problems: wrinkles, acne & rashes
  • Improves hair & skin problems: wrinkles, acne & rashes
  • Purifies blood & lymph system
  • Increases circulation: improves blood pressure & lowers cholesterol
  • Enhances weight reduction, increases metabolism, stamina & energy
  • Reduces cellulite & obesity