Set aside an hour once a month to take care of YOU. Our membership program allows you to come in for services once a month at a more affordable rate. All you have to do is commit! We set up an automatic payment for the price of your member service to be taken from your credit card once a month. If you miss a month, your money will simply roll over to the next month, you will NEVER lose anything that you pay for. We offer memberships on all of our services, simply choose which service is the best for you!

There is no sign up fee, you simply sign a form saying you will come in at least once a month for 12 months. If you cancel before the 12 months is up, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. Exceptions to the cancellation fee are; moving more than 25 miles away from the spa (with proof), or a doctors note specifying why you cannot receive services at our spa. You can bring in a friend or family member and they will get your member price for their service as well. If you would like to come in more than once a month, you will still get your member price. If you have a membership for a 60 minute service and you want to get a 90 minute service, you would simply pay the difference in price. Rewards program, Deal Days, Seasonal specials, Coupons, and packages do not apply towards your membership, if you get a package or participate in a deal day you must come in twice that month. You will receive the member price for only the service that you sign up for, with the exception of massages and facials (they are the same price so you are allowed to swap if you would like). Start your year of health and wellness today!!