Commit to a year of relaxation today! No sign up fee, no cancelation fee, just agree to come in (at least) once a month for 12 months.

We have 2 membership options:

Auto Pay – Once a month you will be billed $69, the price of a one hour massage or facial ($100 for 90 minute massage or facial), and you can come in to use that service whenever is convenient for you. If you miss a month, your service will simply roll over to the next month, you will NEVER lose anything that you pay for.

Pay as you go – When you come in for your monthly service, you simply pay at the time of visit. If you can’t make it in one month, you can send a friend or family member and they will get your member price. If you miss a month and you don’t send anyone in, you will need to set up an auto pay to keep your membership.

Our membership is available for massages, facials, peels, nails, waxing, and body treatments. Our most popular membership is for a one hour service, either a massage or facial once a month (you can choose either since they are the same price, facials are taxed so you would just need to pay tax). You only get your member price for the service you signed up for, not a member price for all services.