Fall Specials 2017

Come in this fall to experience one of our seasonally inspired specials. Our seasonal scents for massage are Calm (a lavender and rosemary blend), Warmth (a frankincense and pine blend), and Tranquility (a eucalyptus and spearmint blend).

One Hour Personalized Aromatherapy Massage
One Hour Customized Seasonal Facial


Change Facial to a One Hour Anti-Aging Customized Seasonal Facial


Calm Spa Manicure Calm Spa Pedicure


90 Minute Personalized Aromatherapy Massage
Classic Manicure
Classic Pedicure


Tranquility Body Wrap
Hand Paraffin
Calm Spa Manicure
Calm Spa Pedicure


One Hour Personalized Aromatherapy Couples Massage


Add Couples Calm Spa Manicure


Prices Do Not Include Tax